Aci-kurdistan chapter Committees

Student Activities Committee
Committee Chair:
  • Dr. Sirwan Khdir (University of Salahaddin)

Committee Members:

  • Dr. Bahman Taha (Polytechnic University of Erbil)
  • Dr. Ghazi (Garmyan)
  • Dr. Nasih (Halabja)
  • Mr. Barham (Tishik)
  • Dr. Brwa Hamma Saeed (Sulaimani)
  • Dr. Abdul Hamid Xxxx (Duhok)
  • Engineer Ahmad Ferhad
  • Engineer Mariwan xxxx 
  • Engineer Bnar, 
  • Rasan , President of Tishik University Student Chapter
  • Ahmad Aziz, President of University of Salahaddin Student Chapter
  • Xxxx, President of Erbil Polytechnic Student Chapter
  • Xxxx, President of University of Raparin Student Chapter
  • Xxxx, President of Duhok University Student Chapter
Education Committees
Committee Chair:

Committee Members:
  • Dr. Najmadeen Mohammed Saeed (Raparin), 
  • Dr. Saman Ali Abdulla (Sulaimani)
  • Mrs Sheeraz Majeed (Koya Technical Institute)
  • Mr. Aryanfar (Soran)
Website Committees

Committee Chair:
  • Mr. Balen  Zrar

Committee Members: 

  • Dr. Ahmad Salih
  • Dr. Saman A.  Abdullah
  • Dr. Rawaz Kurda
  • Dr. Muhammad Ismail
Public Relations Committee
 Committee Chair:

Committee Members: 

Certification Committee
Committee Chair:

Committee Members: 

  • Dr. Ahmad Salih (Sulaimani)
  • Dr. Sinan Abdulkhaliq (Salahaddin University)
  • Mr. Alan (RMG Lab)

About Aci-Kurdistan Chapter

The ACI chapter of Kurdistan is a recently establisehd branch of ACI, which cover the geographic region of the southern kurdistan which so called (Iraqi Kurdistan region). The main goal of the chapter is to merge our knowledge about the concrete with the most recent standards and specifications. Also, the Kurdistan chapter makes a strong tie between the universities across the Kurdistan region.

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