Dr. Nasih Habib

Dr. Nasih Habib


Education: PhD in Structural Engineering and Construction Materials

Position:  Board director at the ACI-Kurdistan chapter

Job Location: Lecture at the University of Halabja

Email: nasih.habeeb@aci-krd.com

Area of interest: Reinforced Concrete Design

Short Bio: Nasih Habeeb Askandar was born in Halabja/Iraqi Kurdistan in 1978. He got his; BSc degree in civil Engineering, MSc degree in Structural Engineering and PhD degree in Structural Engineering and Construction Materials from the University of Salahaddin (Erbil) in 2002, 2011 and 2020 respectively. Currently he is lecturer at Civil Engineering Department -Halabja University.

About Aci-Kurdistan Chapter

The ACI chapter of Kurdistan is a recently establisehd branch of ACI, which cover the geographic region of the southern kurdistan which so called (Iraqi Kurdistan region). The main goal of the chapter is to merge our knowledge about the concrete with the most recent standards and specifications. Also, the Kurdistan chapter makes a strong tie between the universities across the Kurdistan region.

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