Mr.Mohamad Gozeh

Mr.Mohamad Gozeh


Education: BSc in Civil Engineering

Position:  Board director at the ACI-Kurdistan chapter

Job Location: Senior Geotechnical/Civil Engineer at RMG testing laboratory


Area of interest: Geotechnical engineering

Short Bio: Mr. Gozeh has over 45 years of Engineering, Project Construction and Program Management experience. He has served in high level managerial positions in US and Iraq, including directing an advisory office for Baghdad Mayoralty for two years while working for the US State Department 2008-2010. He is winner of many awards in Iraq and US including an expeditionary award from the US Secretary of State. Mr. Gozeh served as Country Director for an NGO in Northern Iraq in 1995. He has also managed construction material testing operations and provided general construction management for roads, bridges, commercial and residential projects in Iraq, California, and Colorado. He has spent over 20 years in construction material testing and field construction QC/QA.

Mr. Gozeh was one of the six previous owners of Rocky Mountain Group ( in the State of Colorado before the company transferred to an ESOP company.

Mr. Gozeh is the founder of R.M.G for Engineering Services, LTD ( which is established in 2011 and it is well-known as a US Quality Geotechnical/Structural and Construction Material Testing firm in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Mr. Gozeh is a 1976 Mosul University/ College of Engineering/ Civil Department graduate. He obtained Colorado Engineering Intern status in 2002 and his title is Expert Engineer in the Iraq and Kurdistan Engineering Union.

About Aci-Kurdistan Chapter

The ACI chapter of Kurdistan is a recently establisehd branch of ACI, which cover the geographic region of the southern kurdistan which so called (Iraqi Kurdistan region). The main goal of the chapter is to merge our knowledge about the concrete with the most recent standards and specifications. Also, the Kurdistan chapter makes a strong tie between the universities across the Kurdistan region.

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