Dr. Rawaz Kurda



Dr. Rawaz Kurda

Education: PhD in Civil Engineering

Position:  Chair of Certification committee at ACI-KURDISTAN chapter

Job Location: Lecturer at the Erbil polytechnic University


Area of interest: Materials science; Environmental impact; Life Cycle Assessment; Geopolymer concrete; Toxicity; Alkali-activated materials. Supplementary ementitious materials; Construction and demolition waste; Sustainable concrete and mortar; Costs (economy); Multi criteria analysis; Optimization.

Short Bio: 

  • Published more than 50 scientific articles in high impact factor (Clarivate ) journals
  • I’ve participated in two Portuguese projects as a Postdoctoral researcher (SLPforBMS and RInoPolyCrete).
  • Editors: Four Impact factor Journals and few Scopas/Clarivate journals
  • Ranked number 1 out of ~ 600 teachers at Erbil Polytechnic University for most cited researchers (12/6/2021).
  • Supervision: PhD students in the UK, Turkey and Portugal
  • Member of CERES Research unit
  • PhD in Civil Engineering (Construction Building Materials) at University of Lisbon (distinction)
  • I’ve worked with the Canadian, American and Italian armies, and several international organizations (Habitat, AC-TED, World vision, Save Children and ICRC) as a logistic supplier in Iraq (Erbil and Mosul- Gayara).
  • I’ve worked in a
  • Private sector - working with several construction companies as a project manager (e.g. water supply and sanitation for a mini-city which included 527 units of residential houses);
  • Government department - Minister of Housing and Reconstruction/KRG (e.g. supervising and preparing proposals/tenders of the sanitary system for many residential areas;

Higher education and teaching in Portugal (Ulisboa-IST) and Iraq (Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research-EPU). I have also worked as a translator for Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Portugal.

About Aci-Kurdistan Chapter

The ACI chapter of Kurdistan is a recently establisehd branch of ACI, which cover the geographic region of the southern kurdistan which so called (Iraqi Kurdistan region). The main goal of the chapter is to merge our knowledge about the concrete with the most recent standards and specifications. Also, the Kurdistan chapter makes a strong tie between the universities across the Kurdistan region.

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