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TIU and ACI Kurdistan Chapter  successfully held a competition titled “Egg protection device competition” which [...]

On  March-29-2022    Tishk International University- ACI student Chapter in cooperation with Tishk International University and ACI Kurdistan Chapter  successfully held another ACI competition titled “Egg protection device competition” which is hosted by Tishk International University-Erbil Campus.
Student’s participants were from civil engineering departments of Tishk International UniversityUniversity of Raparin and University of Duhok.
The objective of this event is to design and build the highest-impact-load resistant plain or reinforced concrete Egg Protection Device (EPD). And to learn and report on concrete’s sustainable benefits related to durability, impact resistance, and other real-life aspects which an EPD simulates.
In this competition, teams were challenged to design and build the highest-impact-load resistant reinforced concrete column-beam within the exact specifications set out by ACI institute. Underneath the beam, there’s an egg that faces certain destruction due to the load applied to the reinforced concrete beam. Any crack in the beam might result in destruction of the egg.
The weight drops from a half-metre at first, and is then released from ever-increasing heights until it reaches maximum.
This year, 19 teams participated in the competition from different university in Kurdistan region at Tishk international University- Erbil campus.
The first, second third, fourth and fifth place teams awarded by cash prizes of $600, $400, $200, $100 and $100 respectively.
1st place
- Tishk International University
2nd place
- University of Duhok.
3rd place
- University of Duhok.
4th place
- Tishk International University
5th place
- University of Raparin
- Tishk International University
Special thanks to the sponsors,
- BYK for construction chemicals
- RV Company
- Oprah beauty center
thank you for taking out the time for investing in our competition, your sponsorship has perhaps helped us pull it off in a better way.

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The ACI chapter of Kurdistan is a recently establisehd branch of ACI, which cover the geographic region of the southern kurdistan which so called (Iraqi Kurdistan region). The main goal of the chapter is to merge our knowledge about the concrete with the most recent standards and specifications. Also, the Kurdistan chapter makes a strong tie between the universities across the Kurdistan region.

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